Registration Help


We use Google forms to take online membership registration.

A form is required for each player.

An email address is required to make an online registration.

After submitting the form you will receive an email confirming your registration including your responses. You may need to check your junk mail folder!

If any responses are incorrect please edit using the button on the confirmation email and if necessary email details to

Join Us on TeamApp (Step-By-Step)

We use TeamApp's secure password protected website, smartphone app and online store.

Join Us on TeamApp

These instructions relate to creating a TeamApp account and joining CCTBC via website or smartphone app.

  1. Visit or install the smartphone app (highly recommended).
  2. Tap/click "SIGN UP" > "SIGN UP TO USE TEAM APP".
  3. Complete the form and "SUBMIT". IMPORTANT: Please register as a parent using your name.
  4. Find your "Registration Confirmation" email and tap/click "Confirm Registration".
  5. Return to TeamApp website or app and "LOG IN"
  6. Search for "Canning Cougars Tee-Ball Club" and select.
  7. Click "MY MEMBERSHIP" (website) or "Become a member of this team" (app).
  8. Choose your applicable access group(s), eg "Parents (new)", "Team xxx".
  9. For the Reason, enter the names of your registered children.
  10. Click "JOIN" (website) or "Continue" (app).


We use TeamApp's secure online store (website or smartphone app).

These instructions relate to payment of registration fees via website or smartphone app.

  1. Creating a TeamApp account and joining CCTBC (instructions above).
  2. Visit or open TeamApp
  3. Tap/click "LOG IN" (unless already logged in using your TeamApp account).
  4. Tap/click "STORE".
  5. Add the membership registration fee items and uniform (if required) and tap/click "CHECKOUT" (website) or "Submit" (app).
  6. Answer any questions, update your details (if required) and enter your credit card details then tap/click "PURCHASE". NOTE: credit card details used for this secure transaction are not saved.
  7. You will receive an itemised receipt email and a payment receipt email.