Info - Machine-Pitch Baseball

Machine-Pitch (MP) at CCTBC

Have-A-Go Sessions

Early in the season, CCTBC will be run some machine-pitch "HAVE-A-GO" sessions.

Sessions are FREE for current members from age 7 up and intended to be a fun introduction to baseball.


Following the Have-A-Go sessions, CCTBC will partner with South Perth Baseball Club (SPBC) to run friendly mixed-age scratch-matches after Saturday tee-ball game regularly over the season.

FREE and no registration required for current CCTBC players, attending every session is not compulsory as teams will be made on the day with the attending players.

If we have enough players in the 7-10 yo range (not older) we may arrange some friendly scratch matches against other clubs.

What is Machine-Pitch?

Machine-pitch baseball is a form of baseball designed to introduce players to hitting a moving ball. The ball is pitched by a specific machine rather than a pitcher to give consist speed and accuracy. The UPM45 pitching machine is a spring powered device manually set and released by an adult that can be set to pitch at 18-44 mph (29-70 km/h).


Baseball WA run the official competition called "Little League Minor – Machine Pitch"


The rules of little league baseball apply except that a specific machine is used to pitch rather than a player or coach.

Age Range

U7 to U10 at the end of the season (1 May)

Game Venues

Games are played in a home and away series at the various clubs across Perth, normally on a Friday evening.

Game Duration

Games are 3 to 6 innings or approx 60 minutes.



Machine-Pitch Coordinator (volunteer)