Info - Aussie T-Ball

What is Aussie T-Ball

"Aussie T-Ball" is a variation of the Official Tee-Ball game regulated by the Tee-Ball Association of Western Australia (TBAWA). It was developed by Baseball Australia and other related organisations as the entry point for baseball in Australia.

Recognising that young players can't hit to or throw from the outfield, it modifies the 9-player game (infield and outfield) to be 6-player game using only the infield positions. The key features are:

  • Much greater game involvement.
  • Emphasis is on FUN rather than winning and losing.
  • Every player bats every inning.
  • The lead-off hitter each inning becomes the last hitter in the next inning. Everyone gets a chance to lead off an inning.
  • Fielding positions rotated every inning - players have more touches of the ball and experience all fielding positions.
  • Age appropriate equipment (foam bat and ball)

More information about Official Aussie T-Ball available from Baseball Australia.


The CCTBC Level 1 competition (nominally 5-7 years old) is a modified version of Official Tee-Ball that adopts the key features of Aussie T-Ball for a club context. It is designed to introduce children to the game of tee-ball/baseball and help them develop basic diamond sport skills in a FUN way.

Details of our Level 1 competition are available here.

CCTBC Aussie T-Ball Programs

From time-to-time CCTBC will run official Aussie T-Ball programs for players that are too young for our Level 1 competition.

If you're interested in an Aussie T-Ball program, please contact us.