Info - Junior Umpires

Introduced in 2016-2017, CCTBC pay qualified junior umpires to umpire club and carnival games in service of the club.

This gives former players and older siblings an opportunity to stay involved with the club. It also provides a pool of umpires to help teams get familiar with the rules from accredited umpires.


To qualify for payment, the Junior Umpire must be:
  • aged 12 to 17 (year 7 or above)
  • umpiring a club, carnival or states game
  • qualified at TBAWA Level 1 or higher
  • a current or past CCTBC player or relative
  • a current or past SPBC member

Payment Amount 2018-2019

Game/Comp Plate Base
CCTBC L1 # #
CCTBC L2 $15 #
CCTBC L3 $25 (Level 2 Umpire)
$15 (Level 1 Umpire)
Carnivals $20 $15
States $50 (Level 2+SCA Umpire) $25 (Level 1+SCA Umpire)

# Volunteer parents generally perform these umpiring roles. However, if the Chief Umpire instructs a Junior Umpire to assist in a particular game, payment will be made at the Level 2 plate rates.


FREE umpire training and accreditation is available through the club. This normally involves:

  • watching the TBAWA Level 1 Umpiring Video (must watch prior to attending clinic).
  • attend and pass the TBAWA Level 1 Umpiring Clinic.
  • umpiring a few games as an "apprentice" with a mentor supervising.

TBAWA run umpire training clinics in October and September each year. Visit our events calendar for details of the first clinic for the season.


More info about umpiring at CCTBC available at


Gail Wescombe
Chief Umpire (volunteer)