Info - Tee-Ball at CCTBC

Our Season

  • Pre-season: see the events calendar here for pre-season events, grading and training.
  • Regular summer season: October to March (school terms 4 and 1).
  • Finals series: we do not run a finals series or maintain a leader ladder.

home ground

  • Centenary Park, Centenary Ave, Wilson WA 6107 - more details here.

Club Competitions and Games

  • We host 3 club based competitions in 3 levels.
  • The Level 1 competition is the entry level, players progress through levels 2 and 3 based on age and skill.
Grade Age Skill
L1 5-7 novice
L2 7-10 novice - intermediate
L3 10-13 skilled
  • We do not play during school holidays or public holidays.
  • All games run for up to 1 hour.
  • All games are played at our home ground.
  • All games are played on Saturday mornings (unless otherwise stated, eg. twilight games).
  • Saturday games normally start at 8:15am (refer fixtures).
  • Twilight games normally start at 5:30pm (normally held several times per season).
  • Each game is scored and a player game count maintained. Scores are not publicised, a champion ladder isn't kept for the club competition to maintain a focus of fun and participation.
  • A parent/guardian is required to be present at all games and practice sessions, otherwise another adult, other than the team coach or manager, must be responsible for your child.
  • All members must abide by the parents and players codes of behaviour.
  • Rules for the various club competitions, available here, are based around TBAWA official rules.


  • Each team normally has one practice session per week.
  • Level 1 teams may train before the games or not at all depending on the coach's preference.
  • Day and time chosen by the coach in consultation with parents.
  • Training is normally at our home ground.
  • A parent/guardian is required to be present at all training sessions, otherwise a suitable guardian must be responsible for your child; someone other than the coach.


  • Detailed membership information is available here.
  • Dual membership available with SPBC for players of tee-ball and baseball

Registration & Fees

PLAYER Uniform

  • Team shirts - provided by the club (must be returned at the end of the season).
  • Club cap – parent to provide - available here
  • Club pants - parent to provide - available here
  • White socks (preferably long for sliding) - parent to provide
  • Sports shoes - parent to provide - rubber spiked shoes only permitted in Level 3.

PLAYER Equipment

  • Glove – parent to provide (a limited number of starter packs are provided to new members)
  • Helmet - recommended for Level 2 and 3 players, shared helmets provided by the Club.
  • Bat – provided by the Club – players may bring their own.
  • Drink bottle – parent to provide – essential for summer games and practice sessions!
  • Personal protection (eg mouthguard and box for boys) – parent to provide - recommended for Level 3 but not compulsory.
  • Other - the club provides everything else required for team training and games. It is highly recommended that each player has their own ball for practice at home and to keep glove in shape.

All personal property should be clearly labelled with the player's name.

A lost property box is located near the canteen.

Parent/Guardian Participation

  • CCTBC runs of volunteer power so there is an expection of some parent/guardian participation. Any level of parent help is welcome.
  • Parent/Guardian roles range from Committee member and Team Officials (Coach, Manager, Umpire) to rostered game duties.
  • Game duties such as umpiring, base coaching, scorer and setup/packup are normally rostered by the team manager.
  • Instructions/training and resources are provided for all roles in the club. See "Game Duty Information for Parents" available here.
  • Coaching and umpiring qualifications can be attained free of charge through the Club by attending a TBAWA training course/clinic.
  • Each week, team(s) are rostered to assist in the canteen.
  • IMPORTANT: Everyone on the diamond must wear enclosed shoes.


  • The Club uses TeamApp smartphone app notifications and email for communications.
  • The Club app and website provides all sorts of information for parents (requires login) and the public, eg news, events, chat, photos, store.
  • Please sign up for a FREE TeamApp account and join our club using the smartphone app or website.
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) - Whilst the Club has various social media accounts these are not used as primary club communications, please use email or TeamApp to contact club officials.

Club Store

  • The club store sells uniforms and other merchandise, more info here.

State Championships and Carnivals

  • Team entry in the TBAWA Lightning Carnival (December) depends on the coach and parents.
  • CCTBC enter teams in the TBAWA State Competitions (March). Try-outs are held once the season is underway.
  • Pre-states carnivals (Jan & Feb) hosted by several clubs are entered depending on the coach and parents.
  • Most costs for states registration and uniforms are normally covered by the club via sponsorships.

Player Awards

  • Coach's Merit Certificates are awarded to one or more players at the end of each game. Every player will receive one throughout the season.
  • Game Milestone Patches (25, 50, 75, etc) are awarded at the end of the season.
  • State team players receive a participation patch and trophy at the end of the season.
  • All players receive a participation trophy/pendant/medallion at the end of the season.


  • Our canteen offers a variety of food, drinks and treats.
  • This is a great fundraiser for the club so please use our facilities, more info here.

Contact Us

Club contact details available here.